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Art of Healing Cancer Shares Information on the High Cost of Immunotherapy Treatment for Cancer Patients in India

Art of Healing Cancer, one of the leading organizations focused on precision oncology to treat cancer patients, is raising awareness about the high cost of immunotherapy treatment in India by sharing important information on the subject. The organization aims to shed light on the financial burden patients and their families face, advocating for greater accessibility to this life-saving treatment option.

Art of Healing Cancer Highlights the Science of Metabolic Therapy in Treating Cancer

Business Wire India Art of Healing Cancer, one of the leading precision oncology setups in the country, is excited to present the latest findings on the science of metabolic therapy in treating cancer. This innovative approach alters cancer cells' metabolism to target and inhibit their growth, offering a promising alternative to traditional cancer treatments.

Artesunate: From Anti-Malarial Drug to Potential Cancer Treatment, Insights Shared by Art of Healing Cancer

Art of Healing Cancer, a globally renowned Precision and integrative oncology institution located in Gurgaon, underscores the possible benefits of incorporating the anti-malarial drug, Artesunate, into cancer treatments. This insight could introduce novel approaches to enhance the effectiveness of traditional cancer therapies.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Using ICG Dye: A Modern Diagnostic Tool Shares Doctors at Art of Healing Cancer

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB) is a crucial diagnostic procedure that helps physicians identify and evaluate the first lymph node(s) affected by cancer, known as the sentinel lymph node(s). This assessment is crucial in determining whether cancer has spread beyond its primary site. One of the most recent advances in SLNB is the use of Indocyanine Green (ICG) dye, which has shown promising results in terms of accuracy and ease of use. In this article, doctors will discuss the SLNB procedure, the benefits of using ICG dye, and the potential implications for cancer staging and treatment.

Role of Ayurveda and Nutraceuticals in Cancer Management: Art of Healing Cancer Highlights Science-Backed Approach

In the field of cancer research, the tireless efforts of doctors and scientists have led to remarkable breakthroughs in recent years. Innovative work has resulted in the development of new drugs, medicines, and therapies that can either cure or extend the lives of cancer patients.

Art of Healing Cancer Launches High-Dose Vitamin C IVC Treatment for Cancer Patients

In 2020, the combined age-standardised rate for all cancers, excluding non-melanoma skin cancer, was 190 per 100,000, and men had a greater rate of developing cancer (206.9 per 100,000) than women (178.1 per 100,000). Unfortunately, this number has already been surpassed in the year 2022.
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