Artofhealing Cancer

Cancer Immunotherapy is one of the most emerging forms of cancer treatment in modern medicine. With every passing day there are numerous discoveries made which takes us one step closer to understanding how we can release or program our immune system to fight against some of the most deadly diseases like cancer.

At Art Of Healing Cancer, we are trying to build a three-dimensional approach to using Immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. In a three-dimensional approach, Doctors at Art of Healing Cancer not just tries to overcome the handshake between the immune cells and the cancer cells by inhibiting such receptors called checkpoints, but also tries to involve all elements of an immune system in a holistic way which makes immunotherapy not just successful but highly effective.

We at Art of Healing Cancer, have following treatment modalities available which at times as a single agent or in combination, comes together to form an effective immune targeted strategy for cancer management

  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
  • Cancer Vaccines
    • Autologous Cancer Vaccines
    • Advanced Immune Modulated Vaccine
  • Immune Preparation for Better Immunotherapy Response
    • Avoiding T Cell Exhaustion
    • Enabling Immuno Suppressed Tumor Microenvironment
    • Avoiding Epigenetic Reprogramming
    • Inhibiting Oncogenic Pathways
    • Chemokines