The Benefits of Tumor Preservation

Better Data

Better Data Extraction from Tumor compared with FPPE Blocks. Better Data, Better Insights

Better Diagnostics

With Better Insights, we have Better Diagnostics, Helps Oncologist prescribe targeted Drugs

Precision Medicine

With Tumor, you can explore not just DNA but RNA Data which is difficult if not impossible with FPPE Blocks

Better Patient Results

With Guided Treatment Options, end results are much better

Hospitals generally store Tumors as FPPE blocks and not the Tissue. Please ask your Surgeon about it. As for Tumor Preservation!!!

How Does it work?

Step 1

Get a confirmation from Onco Surgeon?

Step 2

Book a collection with Art of Healing Cancer?

Step 3

On Day of Surgery, Art of Healing Cancer or one of its Partner Collects the Tissue from Hospital in pre defined Tumor Storage Container

Step 4

Tumor sent to Art of Healing Cancer Partner labs at 4basecare Genomics for further Storage