Radiology Methods For Breast Cancer Diagnosis

In Breast Cancer Radiology plays an important role in screening, diagnosis, evaluation of Breast cancer etc

Radiology Methods for Breast Cancer Diagnosis:





The first investigation advised after a breast lump is confirmed on clinical examination is mammogram for women of age 40yrs and above; & Ultrasound for women less than 40 yrs. Mammogram is a X ray of the breast, in younger age women the breast density is high because of the presence of milk ductal tissue which undergoes atrophy with age. BIRADS system of classification categories a breast lump according to the probability of it being malignant.
MRI is helpful to ascertain the correct BIRADS score in case the Mammogram and Ultrasound are not able to reach to a definitive conclusion. Also it is more sensitive in detecting any suspicious lesion in any other part or quadrant of ipsilateral or contralateral breast. Henceforth it is recommended to determine the eligibility for breast conservation.