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aohc1 Metabolic-Therapy
aohc Metabolic-Therapy

Metabolinomics or Metabolic Therapy

Cancer cells by virtue of its character divides rapidly, produces increased volume of tissues called tumour, moves towards blood stream or lymphatic channel to metastasize, and reach other parts of the body. For all these activities & processes cancer cells need energy. A LOT OF ENERGY And A HIGHER METABOLISM In the 1920s, Dr. Otto Warburg observed that tumor cells consume a large amount of glucose, much more than normal cells, and convert most of it to lactic acid.

This phenomenon, now known as the ‘Warburg effect,’ is the foundation for one of the most emerging areas of Cancer Research i.e., Abnormal Cancer Metabolism which has important roles in tumorigenesis, metastasis, drug resistance, and cancer stem cells. Metabolinomics or Metabolic therapy is based on the theory of giving certain medicines which decrease the high metabolic rate of cancer cells, induce cell death instead of cell division, thus help in controlling cancer.

We at Art Of Healing Cancer research the metabolic signatures of different cancer types according to the site of origin and spread, We Use Precision Oncology to identify the genetic anomalies of a specific cancer patient by studying their DNA & RNA Expression data generated from the tumor microenvironment which helps us identify the metabolic enzymes responsible for the growth of cancer. Finally, we prescribe metabolic protocol after mapping drugs to the genomic aberrations.

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