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Art of Healing Cancer Shares Information on the High Cost of Immunotherapy Treatment for Cancer Patients in India

Art of Healing Cancer, one of the leading organizations focused on precision oncology to treat cancer patients, is raising awareness about the high cost of immunotherapy treatment in India by sharing important information on the subject. The organization aims to shed light on the financial burden patients and their families face, advocating for greater accessibility to this life-saving treatment option

Art of Healing Cancer Highlights the Science of Metabolic Therapy in Treating Cancer

Business Wire IndiaArt of Healing Cancer, one of the leading precision oncology setups in the country, is excited to present the latest findings on the science of metabolic therapy in treating cancer.

Artesunate: From Anti-Malarial Drug to Potential Cancer Treatment, Insights Shared by Art of Healing Cancer

Business Wire India Art of Healing Cancer, a globally renowned Precision and integrative oncology institution located in Gurgaon, underscores the possible benefits of incorporating the anti-malarial drug, Artesunate, into cancer treatments.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Using ICG Dye: A Modern Diagnostic Tool Shares Doctors at Art of Healing Cancer

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy (SLNB) is a crucial diagnostic procedure that helps physicians identify and evaluate the first lymph node(s) affected by cancer, known as the sentinel lymph node(s).

Role of Ayurveda and Nutraceuticals in Cancer Management: Art of Healing Cancer Highlights Science-Backed Approach

Business Wire IndiaIn the field of cancer research, the tireless efforts of doctors and scientists have led to remarkable breakthroughs in recent years.

Role of Liquid Biopsy in the Management of Cancer Shared by Art of Healing Cancer

Art of Healing Cancer, a leading cancer care provider in India, is pleased to share information on the role of liquid biopsy in the management of cancer. This technique is revolutionising cancer care by providing a non-invasive and more accurate way of detecting cancer and monitoring its progression.

Fundamentals of the Recently Launched Cervical Cancer Vaccine by Art of Healing Cancer

Cervical cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women globally according to World Health Organization (WHO).

Cancer Related Anemia Should Be Treated on Priority, Suggests Doctors at Art of Healing Cancer

Anemia is a condition that affects more than half of cancer patients at diagnosis and during treatment which further impacts their quality of life on an everyday basis. Cancer patients with anemia show reduced response to radiotherapy and chemotherapy due to tumor hypoxia cause by anemia.

Art of Healing Cancer Suggests Prophylactic Mastectomy for Females Having Risk of Developing Breast Cancer Due to BRCA Mutation

As per the Globocan data 2020, in India, BC accounted for 13.5% (178361) of all cancer cases and 10.6% (90408) of all deaths; hence need measures to either avoid it from developing or reducing recurrence in patients that eventually leads to fatalities.

HBOT-India Launches One of the First Medical Grade Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Gurugram, Delhi NCR, India

Business Wire India Reduces Limb Loss by 30% in Diabetes May benefit patients struggling from cancer, brain stroke, vision or hearing loss
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