AOHCbelieves in cancer patients living a normal life

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Cancer surgery — an operation to remove part of your body/Tumor/Nearby Tissues/Lymph Npodes to diagnose or treat cancer — remains one of the foundation of cancer treatment

For solid tumors the cure lies with surgery. Surgery involves removal of cancer(tumor) with adequate margins all around along with draining lymph nodes. There is a great myth surrounding surgery, especially in India “Cheera lagwaya toh badh jayega (Hindi)” i.e. if touched by a blade the cancer will spread. Contrary to the myth surgery has been able to save the lives of numerous patients who have been living well & wise since decades post surgery.

Surgery comprises performing a biopsy i.e. removing a small piece of tissue to be examined under microscope. In our practice we come across a lot of patients who did not undergo biopsy, tried all other methods of treatment except the standard treatment including surgery, thereafter present in advanced stages which leads to inferior cure rates. At an early stage with appropriate surgery we can achieve aprox 90% cancer cure especially in Head & Neck, Breast, Thyroid and Gynaecological cancers. Art of Healing Cancer (AOHC) supports patients who need surgery as a treatment option at minimal cost at some of the leading hospitals in the country.

AOHC under its foundation principles believes in cancer patients living a normal life hence providing Breast Reconstruction/Conversation & Face Reconstruction Surgeries for breast and Head & neck Cancer. As best possible in any case, a woman shall not hence loose her Femininity(breast) and face will have no mutilation in case of Breast Cancer and Head Neck cancer respectively.

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