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World Health Organization (WHO) projections estimate the incidence of cancer to increase exponentially by the year 2030, with the annual number of new cases rising from 14.1 million in 2012 to 21.6 million in 2030 and deaths due to cancer rising from 8.8 million worldwide in 2015 to more than 12 million in 2030. At the same time, earlier diagnoses and improvement in cancer therapies have also led to an increase in survival that includes more than 300 million cancer survivors around the world. A broad implication of these figures involves the psycho-social impact of the disease, including emotional consequences, supportive care needs, and quality of life of cancer patients and their families. It is a fact that cancer is not only a series of very different diseases needing complex and multidisciplinary treatment but also a very stressful event with significant psychosocial implications related to physical, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal dimensions. All aspects of life, including the parameters of time (e.g. the past, the present, and the future), space (e.g. one’s own individual space, one’s own home, and one’s own world context), and existence (e.g. confrontation with mortality) are altered by the diagnosis and treatment, recovery and long-survivorship, recurrence, or transition to palliative and end-of-life care. – NCBI ( Source)
“The purpose of counselling is to provide psychological and emotional support to patients and their caregivers, to equip them so they can fight and conquer cancer and improve their Quality of Life.

Cancer diagnosis can be heart wrenching and devastating for patients and their families. Counseling thus is an integral aspect of Oncology treatment. Patients are flooded with a myriad of queries in their minds regarding their diagnosis, treatment , follow-ups and survival chances, changes in their current life & post cancer, spouse relationship, children, work relationships, finances etc. Through this rather painstaking journey patients lean on doctors and Nurses, which while walking with a counselor who can listen and empathize with what they are experiencing goes a long way to aid the healing process.

The core intent of the counselling process is to make sure the patient is empowered and equipped to make informed choices and objectively examine varied ways to cope with their diagnosis. Also lays ample focus on concerns related to mental and emotional health. Creates a safe space for patients and family to discuss all aspects of their life that may be impacted owing to treatment and care to address the same, so their quality of life is strengthened which in-turn can lead to effective healing.

Art of Healing Cancer Provides Counselling Support to its patients in need during the tenure of their treatment.

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